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Complete Electrical Installation

Here at FBS Electrical, we offer a range of electrical contracting services, so they can easily be packaged into a bespoke programme of works, delivering all your requirements on projects such as refurbishments and fit-outs. Regardless of your requirements, we always aim to deliver in budget and on time for all our clients. We employe a large number of highly skilled electricians who specialise in a wide range of electrical areas. This helps us to ensure that we can deliver every part of the works to the highest quality standard, and at a very competitive price.

Access Control Services

From card swipes and entrance keypads to carefully designed systems that run throughout an interior to protect restricted areas of your premises, FBS Electrical can do it all. Our access control systems can be integrated into different systems to add that extra layer of security. Access control systems can provide a commercial or residential property with an extensive range of options for managing access control across a building or site in a variety of different situations and environments, whether this is to protect against intruders or to ensure that they are accessing an area that is relevant to them.

CCTV Installation and Repairs

If you’re thinking about having CCTV installed, whether it’s providing coverage of entrances and high-security areas or complete coverage of your property, our CCTV systems can co-ordinate and integrate alongside your access control systems for that extra layer of security. CCTV systems can be installed and used in a range of ways to protect your business or residential sites. The most basic installation may be as simple as to record entrances that you may need to refer back to should any event occur; such as evidence for the authorities in the event of theft or intrusion. Such a system can be monitored live by security guards for an immediate response to any issues.

Data Communication

In this modern age offices and commercial businesses are becoming more virtual, being able to cope with the increase of data loads and changes in technology is critical. We can help to ensure that your communications and data cabling infrastructure can meet your demands now and in the future. Having a reliable system for data cabling and other commination systems such as copper, fibre, aerials, satellite dishes and telephones is a must-have requirement in offices. Even with refurbishments, most systems and cabling require updating as digital communications continue to evolve and have a high demand for connectivity.

Design and Build

Our experienced engineers will manage the design, specification and installation of your lighting and power schemes, whether it’s for a restaurant, factory, office, house or showroom. We know how important it is that your property runs effectively and efficiently, so we’ll assist with all your electrical needs with minimal disruption. We provide a complete solution for the integration and installation of security and access control, CCTV, fire detection, and data & comms systems; all designed, specified and installed to current British building regulation standards. We always strive to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard and in good time. 

Fire Alarm Systems

Keeping your staff, colleagues and tenants safe from the risk of a fire within your building is of high importance, which is why having the most reliable and best quality fire system is a must-have for all businesses and buildings. FBS Electrical specialises in providing industrial and commercial clients across London, the South East and the UK with the very best fire alarm systems. Our team of professionals offer a comprehensive fire alarm installation service, encompassing everything from the consultation and property survey through to the installation and the necessary support once the project has been completed to the highest standards.

Lighting Installation and Maintenance

Installing the full range of lighting for all environments, including security lights and office lighting. Lighting modern commercial interiors takes up a large part of any electrical installations, with complex wiring requirements and range of needs which depends on each unique company. FBS Electrical have over 25 years of experience combined between our teams.

Mains and Submains

As commercial and domestic electrical needs continually change, we often find that the power supply feeding the building requires some adaptations. Our team of experts can work on these systems to help meet all legislative and safety requirements. Through our design and installation process, we ensure that our clients’ power needs are always met and can even be future-proofed for future changes or expansions.

Security System Installation and Maintenance

FBS Electrical have a team of dedicated security system installers. We have installed a range of security features from basic CCTV systems to commercial and residential properties to the more complex systems. The complex system involves a networked system of access control, alarms and CCTV system interrogated into one simple system. Having reliable security systems is a fundamental feature of any commercial or industrial property; there is a massive range of possible options during any fit-outs or refurbishment works. The system can be as complex as an alarm system covering entrances such as doors and windows to a complete integrated system linking the alarms to access controlCCTV and emergency lighting systems. This can provide far more comprehensive protection of your team and property.

Electrical Testing and Inspection

FBS Electrical provides a range of commercial services for electrical testing and inspections, from checking our installations,  periodic 5-year inspections, emergency lighting  and PAT Testing

Beyond the necessary testing of our installations, we can also provide a range of other electrical testing and inspection services for all our clients whether it’s a maintenance check of a long-running system, a general safety check, or more specific testing such as periodic 5-year Inspections. Whatever your requirements, our team of friendly staff can provide an exceptional standard of work, as well as the knowledge and experience to deliver the repairs and reinstallations if required.

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